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Millions of people simply want to improve their personal finance and investing practices. Many people are confused and frustrated, because they do not have the knowledge and tools that they need to plan their financial futures efficiently and optimally.

VeriPlan can help you to get moving along your own path toward better lifetime and retirement financial planning and investing. The VeriPlan User Guide is free and can be downloaded from this page.

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Objective, Extensive, and Well-Researched
Lifetime and Retirement Financial Planning and Investing

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NOTE: Every year VeriPlan is enhanced and updated. In 2012, VeriPlan was completely restructured, consolidated, and streamlined, while retaining all of its rich functionality and even adding some more, including a fully integrated current portfolio rebalancing tool.** To streamline VeriPlan, significant and extensive documentation and financial planning information that had previously been embedded within the product itself was removed. For the first time, a separate VeriPlan User Guide manual was developed.

** VeriPlan’s fully integrated current portfolio rebalancing tool aids you in reallocating your currently held cash, bond, and stock financial assets, according to your chosen asset allocation model. This tool helps you to calculate the cash, bond, and stock asset allocations that would need to be invested across your taxable investment accounts and across your traditional and Roth tax-advantaged accounts to improve upon your investment tax optimization.

About the author

Lawrence J. Russell is the author of this combination book and holds a BS from M.I.T. (1975), MA from Brandeis University (1979), and MBA from Stanford University (1982). Larry is a semi-retired business executive with a background in corporate and start-up business management, long range planning, and investment management.

Larry’s knowledge of personal financial planning and investing has been developed through:

Personal Financial Planning


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