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Free monthly budget planner worksheet

VeriPlan is the best personal financial planning software for individuals and families who want to develop a comprehensive lifetime financial plan. VeriPlan also includes a free monthly budget planner worksheet covering 24 months. To obtain this free monthly budget planner worksheet you do NOT have to buy VeriPlan.

Free expense tracking, expense budgeting, and budget variance spreadsheets

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24-Month Expense and Budget Worksheets

Get a Free Download of VeriPlan's 24-month expense tracking,
expense budgeting, and budget variance worksheets

This free monthly expense planner covers 24 months and allows you to define your own expense categories and to set up month by month expense budgets for each of your budgetary expense categories. Then, each month you can enter your actual expenses into each expense budget category, and VeriPlan will automatically calculate your positive or negative budgetary variances by expense category.

VeriPlan’s monthly budget planner worksheet provides six integrated expense tracking spreadsheets, budgeting spreadsheets, and budget variance spreadsheets for your convenience. Vertically, there are three worksheets: Actual Expenses, Expense Budget, and Budget Variance. Horizontally, each of these three worksheets is duplicated so that you can track expenses over a twenty-four month period or two years. Twenty-four months are provided, so that you can start tracking expenses mid-year in a particular month of the first year and continue into the next year.

This is a screen shot of one of these six monthly budget planner worksheet budgeting spreadsheets:

Free Monthly Budget Planner Worksheet

With this free monthly budget planner worksheet, you could use only the top Actual Expenses spreadsheet to track your expenses monthly, and you could ignore the Budget and Budget Variance worksheets below. Otherwise, if you want to set up monthly budgets and track your monthy budget variances, you can also set an annual budget in the second spreadsheet and then track your actual expenses in the top spreadsheet. If you do this, then the variances to your budget will be shown automatically in the third spreadsheet. Variances are calculated automatically by evaluating the differences between the Actuals and the Budget spreadsheets above the Budget Variance spreadsheet. Positive variances indicate expenses that are below budgeted amounts and negative variances indicate expenses in excess of budget by budget category.

In the Actual Expenses worksheet for the current calendar year, there are 38 pre-named expense categories and another 10 that you could add. If you use a different list of expense categories, just type in your list of expense category names, and your expense category names will automatically propagate to the other five expense, budget, and variance spreadsheets on this free monthly budget planner worksheet. Of course, you should first determine your expense categories, before you add any expense data to these worksheets.

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