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about VeriPlan:


“VeriPlan is a big help. I’m in my mid 50′s and have been a diligent saver and passible investor for many years. I am going through a work transition from salaried corporate employee to independent consultant, and my aging parents are needing financial help.

“Financial planning is particularly important to me and my family now. Thanks for making your product available. I’ve recommended it to a number of folks and will continue to do so.”

J.H. in Portland, OR


“VeriPlan has been a very flexible home financial planning tool. It took me a few hours on a weekend to understand what VeriPlan could do and to enter our financial data.

“Our family financial affairs were scattered all over, and we lacked a comprehensive picture of what the future might hold for us. I wanted a clear understanding of our projected lifetime and retirement income, expenses, taxes, debts, real estate, financial assets, college investments, retirement investments, and everything else all together.”

S. L. in Altadena, CA


“One of the stories that VeriPlan tells me is how much of my money could be lost to excessive investment costs. I just switched to some lower cost funds in my 401k. I loved updating VeriPlan with the new cost values just to see the red bar on the Total Assets chart get significantly thinner – quite a shocking difference.”

M. W. in Tulsa, OK


“I’ve been using VeriPlan for a few weeks now, and it is everything I was looking for plus a whole lot more of what I didn’t even know I needed.

“By simply switching VeriPlan to a state that does not have a state income tax, I can see how much I could save on traditional IRA distributions in retirement by moving to a state without income taxes.

“It is a real education in personal finance, and I think just about everyone would benefit from using this tool. I am going to tell everyone I know about VeriPlan.

“Thank you very much for creating it. Your web sites are great, too.”

T. H. in Silicon Valley CA

(January 2014 email update
from T. H. in Silicon Valley):

“I thought I would let you know that VeriPlan was the primary decision support tool in my decision to retire early, which was about 4 years ago now. And it has worked out really well. Since then I got married, and we have traveled to 10 countries — some on mission trips.

“I had used the lifetime planners in Microsoft Money and Quicken but they were not robust enough to make a major decision with. In retrospect they are toys compared to VeriPlan. So VeriPlan has been a very big help to me.

“Also, I recently read your Lowest Cost Mutual Funds book, which was great. It brought a few things to my attention that I need to work on.”


“I am extremely impressed with the depth of information that VeriPlan asks for and provides. VeriPlan seems much more detailed than one would expect for the very reasonable price.

“Although I am not a financial professional, I consider myself more financially educated than the most people of my age (62). I find that VeriPlan’s depth to be just what we need for our retirement planning. I am glad I purchased it. Thanks.”

J. W. in Gainsville, FL


“Thank you for the VeriPlan retirement planner software. I am using it on my own behalf and with my clients. Have a great New Year, and thank you again for all your work on an already great product.”

L. M., Senior Investment Advisor in Idaho


“Your new manual is a major piece of work! It was useful for me while I set up VeriPlan with my data. VeriPlan has exactly what I was looking for. I have been thinking of developing my own spreadsheet (much simpler than VeriPlan) to help me understand what to do, but you saved me a lot of time in not having to do so.”

R. G. in Lincoln, NE


“I’m excited about the simplified version that you have developed this year (2012). You’ve got a really cool product here. It’s impressive!”

S. R. in Sacramento, CA


“VeriPlan’s financial projection graphics simply lay out what the future might hold for my family. Also, VeriPlan is a very fast and automated financial investment calculator that allows me to change anything and to test alternate investment decisions rapidly. Its integrated documentation explains clearly how it works, and it also includes a wealth of well-researched personal finance and investment information that has been very helpful.”

T. F. in Muncie, IN


“Anybody who wants a low cost family financial and retirement plan can get a great deal of value out of VeriPlan. Since VeriPlan is self-learning and fully changeable, I also really like not having to pay for updates or a support contract.”

L. E. in Syracuse, NY


“Larry, Hello again! I traded emails with you a couple of months ago on some topics related to VeriPlan. I’ve continued to work with it, and the more I work with it the more I’m amazed at how much it does.

“It’s an incredible decision support tool for my financial planning. Since I have already built a model of my lifetime finances, it is easy to test new ideas as they come to me. Thanks again. Now, I have both a question and an idea about withdrawals in retirement … ”

M. W. R. in Austin, TX


“You’ve got a really cool product here — it’s impressive!”

R. T. in Eau Claire, WI


“I have found VeriPlan to be very useful for my financial planning, and I appreciate your efforts in keeping it up-to-date and easy to use. Thanks”

D. H. in Atlanta, GA


“I am 10 years out from retirement, and I needed to start thinking more seriously about having enough to retire on. I’m following the suggestions of you and others in opting for more hands-on retirement planning. I am also using lower cost index investing. There are too many wealth management companies out there, all ready to charge an arm and leg for what should be straightforward financial planning work.”

G. B. in Smith Mountain Lake, VA


A Brief History of VeriPlan

* Under development since 2004

* Core functionality has been complete and robust since 2006

* First released for software licensing by the general public in 2006

* Used by the software architect to develop local Pasadena, CA area clients’ comprehensive financial and investment plans since 2006

* Annual enhancement releases that update tax and investment information since 2007

* Parameters have always been user updateable, so that upgrade purchases and support contracts are not required

* Streamlined product released in 2012 — more functionality with greater ease-of-use

* Has been the most sophisticated, low price lifetime financial planning software available for home use since 2006




Simply the Best

Financial Planning Software


Retirement Planning Software



  • Only $57 for a household license for all Windows PCs and Macs
  • Free shipping within the USA
  • 100% unconditional 30-day money back guarantee
  • No upgrade or support contract needed; You can change all parameters



Simply the Best

Lifetime and Retirement

Financial Planning Software

Best Lifetime and Retirement Financial Planning and Investing Software


VeriPlan can help you to understand:
  • How to achieve all your financial goals in a unified and comprehensive lifetime plan
  • What you must save and invest to achieve long-term financial freedom for your family
  • How to prepare for a comfortable retirement with sufficient retirement income and personal wealth
  • When you could afford to buy or upgrade your home to improve your quality of living
  • What you need for future college and private school expenses
  • When you can pay off your debts and live debt free
  • The best balance between retirement account contributions versus taxable investments
  • … and it can provide highly personalized answers to your other personal finance and retirement planning questions

Comprehensive, do-it-yourself retirement planning tools

Easy-to-use home financial planning software that:

  • Lets you control your own financial planning and investment management destiny
  • Automatically integrates all your objectives into a unified, comprehensive lifetime plan
  • Does sophisticated automatic computations, allowing you to focus on decision making
  • Enhances your family’s lifetime financial freedom and retirement security
  • Helps you to make more appropriate decisions for your particular situation and goals
  • Allows you to easily update your plan and quickly evaluate future financial decisions
  • Presents each of your projections in standard graphics and data tables
  • Provides documentation and suggestions right where you need them in the software

VeriPlan puts you in the financial planning driver’s seat

Sophisticated, automated, and customized lifetime modeling tools
  • Automatically analyze your lifetime income, expenses, debts, asset returns, taxes, and investment cash flows
  • Make long-term decisions based on fully personalized lifetime planning scenarios
  • Develop lifetime projections for your particular tax situation, while including US federal, state, and local income taxes; tax deductions; property taxes; short-term and long-term investment capital gains taxes; asset tax basis; Social Security taxes; and Medicare taxes
  • Instantly revises your plan, whenever you change any assumption or data

Standard financial planning retirement software graphics

One example of VeriPlan’s 21 automatically generated graphics

VeriPlan Total Assets Projection Graphic

Fully personalized financial projection scenarios

Compare unlimited lifetime financial planning scenarios with VeriPlan’s cash flow modeling and retirement planning software
  • Change any and all earnings, expense, debt, tax, investment, or savings assumptions
  • Adjust for major planned expenses in each and every year
  • Automatically estimate the present value of your lifetime savings and human capital
  • Model a wide variety of retirement investment, retirement income, and retirement withdrawal planning strategies
  • Optimize your taxable, traditional tax-deferred, and Roth account investment strategies
  • Select from five adjustable asset allocation and rebalancing methods to model lifetime investment risk and return
  • Vary expected asset class returns both systematically and judgmentally to test returns projections
  • Assess the annual portfolio safety margins supplied by your projected cash and bond assets
  • Model the cumulative, lifetime impact of investment costs and fees

VeriPlan’s personal financial planning software power tools

VeriPlan includes these fully integrated financial planning tools

  • Lifetime earnings, expense, and retirement savings calculators
  • Income, property, and capital gains tax calculators
  • Home purchase and mortgage calculator tools
  • Retirement planning calculator and income calculator tools
  • Tax-advantaged retirement planning tools
  • Debt management calculators
  • Asset allocation calculator and rebalancing tools
  • Investment cost reduction tools
  • Investment returns calculators
  • Investment portfolio risk tools
  • Investment portfolio safety tools

Fully integrated earnings, expense budgeting, and retirement savings:

VeriPlan’s lifetime earnings, expense budgeting, and retirement savings calculators

  • Project salary, bonus, and self-employment income until your retirement at any age
  • Incorporate any other expected income sources before and after retirement
  • Make any positive or negative annual income adjustments on a year-by-year basis
  • Fine tune your earnings growth rates for each income source
  • Easily adjust projected expense inflation rates
  • Add major planned expenses in any year, such as home renovations, new babies, elderly parent care, vacations, etc
  • Enter positive and negative annual expense adjustments and with different inflation rates in any projection year
  • Use as a children’s educational expense and college planning tool with adjustments for expected scholarships and loans
  • Use as a career education expense planning tool to model the trade-offs associated with returning to school for career advancement
Do all this automatically, while VeriPlan simultaneously projects all of your debt payments, taxes, investment appreciation, and investment expenses!

Completely integrated and automated tax calculator tools

Income tax calculators, property tax calculators, and capital gains tax calculator tools

  • Fully integrated tax planning calculators automatically project your lifetime tax obligations in eight different tax categories
  • Uses the particular federal income tax, state income tax, and local income tax rates and limitations that currently apply to you
  • Projects your personal tax exemptions, adjustments, and deductions plus your property and your short-term and long-term capital gains taxes
  • Change all tax rates and limits supplied with VeriPlan, if tax rates change in the future
A VeriPlan lifetime tax planning worksheet graphic

VeriPlan Tax Graphic


Easily change any and all of VeriPlan’s tax settings

Through age 100, VeriPlan automatically generates

personalized tax projections using …

  • … your current graduated U.S. federal income tax rates and limits (that you can change).
  • … your current variable or flat state income tax rates and limits. (VeriPlan comes with state income tax rates for the 50 United States and Washington, D.C. Select any state to develop your projections.)
  • … local personal income tax rates and any limits. (VeriPlan can project: no local taxes, flat local tax rates, graduated local tax rates, or the New York City income tax rates that are provided.)
  • … different levels of taxable income at the federal, state, and local tax levels, if you wish.
  • … the ‘Single’ or “Married, Filing Jointly’ federal income tax filing status. VeriPlan automatically applies the tax rates and tax limits that are associated with either of these filing statuses.
  • … up to 10 tax exemptions for your tax dependents, including age related phase-outs.
  • … up to 6 adjustments to your income subject to income taxes.
  • … your federal income tax deductions, (while automatically applying the more favorable of either the standard tax deduction or your itemized tax deductions in any projection year.)
  • … your applicable Social Security (FICA) and Medicare taxes.
  • … either salaried employee tax rates or self-employment tax rates, as appropriate.
  • … your long-term qualified dividend and long-term capital gains taxes on your long-term capital gains distributions and asset withdrawals.
  • … your cumulative asset class tax basis for assets and asset classes. (VeriPlan projects taxes net of your cumulative asset tax basis.)
  • … your total property taxes, real estate taxes, and other assessed property taxes.
Comprehensive financial planning decisions require lifetime after-tax projections reflecting your particular tax planning situation!

Plan to buy or upgrade a home

VeriPlan’s real estate calculator tools easily and automatically

  • Project key financial factors associated with purchasing up to 3 homes
  • Calculate the present value of total cash you need to complete these transactions, including down payments, closing costs, and other settlement cash requirements net of any planned mortgage debts
  • Adjust the expected purchase price by any of your assumptions about interim real estate price decreases or increases
  • Add the new real estate assets to your portfolio and project future real estate price appreciation, maintenance costs, and property taxes
  • Project the value to you of future mortgage interest and real estate tax payments as income tax deductions
  • Add related costs, such as expenses to prepare your current home for sale, renovation expenses for your new home, and costs to furnish your new home

VeriPlan’s rich set of retirement planning tools

With VeriPlan’s Social Security retirement estimator, retirement annuity calculator, and retirement pension calculator tools, you can easily:

  • Set individual retirement ages and select whether a married working couple would retire simultaneously or in different years
  • Adjust your planned retirement living expenses and the expected inflation rate of your retirement living expenses
  • Adjust your retirement expenses year by year (For example, you could add the projected cost of an ocean cruise every two years during your retirement.)
  • Set your current Social Security retirement income payment entitlement levels and evaluate your decision about which age to accept your first Social Security payments (If you wish, VeriPlan’s Social Security retirement calculator tools allow you can scale back the amount of your projected Social Security retirement payments, by a percentage reflecting any concern over the adequacy of Social Security trust funds.)
  • Because older workers can face erosion of real dollar wages, adjust your assumptions about your real dollar wages, if you plan to keep working
  • Project up to 10 separate pensions and annuities (For each of your pensions or annuities, the VeriPlan retirement calculator with pension tools will automatically project: a) the dollar amount of the monthly annuity or pension payment, b) separate real dollar growth rates before and after the first pension or annuity payment, c) whether annuity or pension payments would begin at a specific age or at retirement, d) the duration of pension or annuity payments, and e) the taxability of annuity or pension payments.)
  • Understand better your preparedness for a long life and long retirement, since every VeriPlan projection automatically analyzes the adequacy of your financial resources through age 100

Investing in tax-advantaged retirement accounts

VeriPlan’s tax-advantaged retirement planning worksheet tools

  • Fully automate your lifetime projections of retirement account assets in pensions and annuities; in 401k, 403b, 457, SEP, SIMPLE, and other employer plans; and in personal IRA, Keogh, and self-directed
    401k accounts
  • Automatically project your annual net assets in your taxable accounts, your traditional tax-deferred accounts, and your Roth IRA and 401k accounts across your lifetime
  • Completely automate the financial planning of your lifetime traditional IRA and Roth IRA contributions, deductions, asset growth, withdrawals, and taxation with VeriPlan’s fully integrated retirement investment calculator, retirement income calculator, and retirement withdrawal calculator software features
  • Quickly analyze whether traditional tax-deferred retirement plan contributions versus Roth retirement plan contributions would be more valuable in your particular circumstances across your lifetime
  • Easily control whether your projected lifetime plan contributions would be funded from future positive net income and/or from future taxable financial assets — up to annual contribution limits

Automatically project the repayment of all your debts

VeriPlan’s debt management and mortgage projection tools

  • For all your current debts, VeriPlan’s fully integrated debt management spreadsheet automatically repays the interest and principal — using either minimum required payments or any accelerated loan payments that you choose:
    • Automatically project the pay-off of up to 25 mortgage, line of credit, credit card, student loan, and other revolving credit debts
    • Analyze the potential value of accelerated repayment of any or all of your loans versus alternate investment opportunities with VeriPlan’s debt management calculators
    • Plan faster repayments of your higher interest credit card debts and other higher interest debts and quickly evaluate the value of accelerated debt payoff (Easily analyze the accelerated payoff of individual debts and any combination of your debts)
    • Manage up to 3 debts that involve tax deductible interest (These tax deductible interest payments will be automatically integrated into VeriPlan’s projections of your income tax projections, including itemized income tax deductions.)
    • Automatically project accumulated unfunded debt and interest obligations, if your expenses exceed your financial resources (Experiment with this feature to understand how uncontrolled debt could put your personal finances into a destructive and unrecoverable downward spiral.)

Sophisticated, long term investment calculator projections

Automatic asset allocation calculator and portfolio rebalancing tools

  • VeriPlan provides 5 different user adjustable asset allocation methods for your cash, bond, and stock financial assets
  • Align the risk of your investment portfolio with your relative risk tolerance
  • VeriPlan’s compound investment calculator tools use your preferred asset allocation method to develop lifetime investment asset ownership and returns projections for you automatically
  • User adjustable fixed, variable, and age-based investment asset allocation mechanisms are provided
  • Portfolio reallocations are performed automatically each year throughout your lifetime projection according to the asset allocation method and settings that you choose
  • You can easily and quickly evaluate the trade-offs between different asset allocation strategies within the context of your projected lifetime financial situation

Avoid the huge penalty of excessive investment management fees

VeriPlan’s lifetime investment cost tools

  • Excessive investment costs are a huge problem for the average individual investor.
  • Reducing investment fees is the most effective and scientifically valid investment strategy that investors have to improve their investment returns.
  • VeriPlan automatically analyzes the cumulative impact of five types of investment expenses across your life cycle: 1) sales loads and fees, 2) 12b-1 securities marketing fees, 3) asset management expenses, 4) investment trading costs, and 5) investment custody fees.
  • VeriPlan fully automates the analysis of the annual and cumulative lifetime investment costs that are associated with your cash, bond, and stock financial asset portfolio.
  • You can quickly understand the cumulative lifetime investment costs associated with your current financial asset portfolio.
  • You can easily compare lifetime projections using your current investment costs against projections using lower investment costs that you choose.

VeriPlan Excessive Investment Expenses Projection Graphic

Fully adjustable investment asset class return analysis

VeriPlan’s future value investment calculator software

  • VeriPlan’s automated centerline projections use very long-term, historical securities market rates of return on the cash, bond – fixed income, and stock – equity investment asset classes over the past 85 years.
  • You can adjust any of these projected rates of return, using VeriPlan’s Portfolio Risk Tool.
  • All your projections will automatically deduct short-term capital gains taxes, long-term capital gains taxes, and investment costs from your gross financial asset investment returns.
  • VeriPlan will automatically project the fair market value of your real estate, property, and other assets using the asset growth rates that you anticipate.

Easily analyze investment return projections

VeriPlan’s investment risk and return portfolio tools

  • You can use your own asset class investment return assumptions, which differ positively and/or negatively from the financial asset class return assumptions that VeriPlan supplies.
  • To understand better the asset class investment risk of your portfolio, you can vary automatically your expected asset class investment returns either upward or downward in proportion to their historical volatility.
  • Alternatively, you can automatically vary the expected returns of financial asset classes on a judgmental basis.
  • Furthermore, you can analyze the effects of substantial near-term changes in the securities market value of your financial asset portfolio using the Current Portfolio Revaluation Tool.

Assess your projected financial security

VeriPlan’s investment portfolio safety tools

  • Individual investors face a dilemma — less risky and more risky investment strategies may not achieve desired results for different reasons.
  • When assessing investment strategies with different risk levels, it can be helpful to understand how the “safer” portion of your portfolio assets might evolve across your life cycle.
  • This tool automatically projects how long your cash and shorter-term fixed income assets would cover your projected expenses, if all your expected income sources ceased at any point.
  • VeriPlan automatically measures your projected financial capacity to weather future financial risks that might materialize at any point.


VeriPlan is Simply the Best Combined Lifetime

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Retirement Planning Software

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Runs on all Windows PCs and Macs with Microsoft Excel
We have taken all the risk out of your purchase:


Ordering, 30-day money back guarantee, and free shipping information


  • One VeriPlan End User License is only $57
  • Shipping via USPS is free of charge in the USA
  • California orders pay California sales tax
  • Payments are made in US currency and are processed through PayPal using either a major credit card or funds in your PayPal account
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  • Following receipt of your paid order, the standard VeriPlan CD will be shipped to you via USPS, usually on the next business day.
  • The VeriPlan financial retirement calculator CD contains: 1) the VeriPlan home financial planning software, 2) Read Me instructions, 3) the VeriPlan User Guide Manual, 4) the VeriPlan End User License, and 5) a VeriPlan overview.
  • VeriPlan is licensed software and is not sold. The VeriPlan End User License covers the personal and non-commercial use by one household of VeriPlan running on the personal computers owned by that household.
  • VeriPlan has been developed by and is licensed to you by Lawrence Russell and Company, 1077 Prospect Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91103
  • Purchase terms are subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of Lawrence Russell and Company.
  • The VeriPlan software and VeriPlan trademarks are the exclusive property of Lawrence Russell and Company.
  • Commercial licenses for financial planners and investment advisers to use VeriPlan with their clients are available under separate terms.


The Best Lifetime Financial Planning Software and Retirement Planning Calculators


Designed for You to Use at Home


Ease of use, organization, documentation, and tutorials

  • VeriPlan provides 73 user accessible worksheets, graphics, and tables that are organized into six groups: overview, financial profile inputs, financial planning tools, summary information, projection graphics, and projection data tables.
  • Your projections can begin at any age from 18 to 99 and will continue automatically through age 100.
  • VeriPlan’s 21 projection graphics cover ages 18 to 100 years in yearly increments. For ease of analysis, VeriPlan also automatically provides 21 projection data tables with all the data used in each of the 21 projection graphics.
  • All VeriPlan projections extract inflation and use real or non-inflationary dollars with constant purchasing power projected across your lifecycle. (With real dollars, where goods and services cost the same over time, it is easier to gauge the workability of your lifetime financial and retirement plan.)
  • VeriPlan has no built in obsolescence like so many other financial applications, which are designed to require software maintenance contracts and/or to force you to make annual repurchases. You can use VeriPlan year after year, and you can update whatever you need to update by yourself. For example, if your tax rates change, you can plug in the new tax rates and keep going.
  • All VeriPlan worksheets provide extensive and readily available documentation — right where you need it. There is no need for a separate manual — but we provide one anyway!
  • All user data entry points are clearly marked and explained. Only user-changeable cells can be selected by the user, and all such user-changeable cells provide data entry advice and do automatic error checking.
  • VeriPlan provides extensive internal hyper-linking to help you to get around quickly and easily within and between spreadsheets.
  • VeriPlan also provides numerous external hyper-links to articles that have been published on websites that we maintain, and which explain personal financial planning and personal investment management concepts.

High performance home personal financial software

Systems and software platform information

  • VeriPlan is designed for high performance, personal financial projection development. Response to any change that you make is designed to be sub-second, as VeriPlan very rapidly revises all affected parts of your projection scenarios. You can run multiple VeriPlan projections simultaneously for comparison purposes.
  • VeriPlan’s core functionality has been rich, robust, and stable for several years. It receives minor enhancements and updates primarily related to annual tax rate and tax limit changes.
  • VeriPlan runs in a standalone configuration. Internet connectivity will augment the information available to you via standard browser hyperlinks, but Internet connectivity is not required to operate VeriPlan
  • To operate, at a minimum VeriPlan requires a modest capacity Windows or Mac personal computer that runs Microsoft Excel 2002 or later. To check your Excel version, open Excel and choose Help and then About Microsoft Excel. VeriPlan is not compatible with and not supported on Open Office.
  • VeriPlan has a large, 50Mb file size and user data has little effect on this file size. As such, opening and saving VeriPlan can take about a minute. More powerful machines with faster CPUs and more RAM may save more quickly.
  • VeriPlan’s financial projection functionality has no software dependencies other than Microsoft Excel 2002 or later. VeriPlan uses an integrated Visual Basic Project that contains no code, and it does this solely for spreadsheet locking and security.
  • VeriPlan contains no macros. VeriPlan makes no external calls, except when a user clicks on a standard hyperlink in VeriPlan, which will invoke your preferred Internet browser to connect to financial websites that have more educational information for you.
  • VeriPlan runs on both MS Windows and Macintosh personal computers. VeriPlan will run on Microsoft Windows personal computers running Microsoft Excel 2002 or any later version of Excel, and on Macintosh personal computers with Microsoft Excel. We test on both. VeriPlan is a pure MS Excel application and only makes standard calls to Excel, making it portable across platforms.
  • Microsoft Windows personal computers are the development and functional reference platform for VeriPlan. VeriPlan’s minimum test system configuration is an 800 MHz Pentium 3 processor, 256Mb RAM, MS Windows XP (SP-2), and MS Excel 2002 (SP-3). If VeriPlan can run on even this old and creaky configuration, it should run just fine on your machine!


A scientifically based do-it-yourself

financial planning tools software kit


Developed with objective and in-depth knowledge of

financial, investment, and retirement planning practices


  • VeriPlan’s chief architect and lead developer is Larry Russell. He is an experienced comprehensive financial planner and a California Registered Investment Adviser who holds a BS from MIT, MA from Brandeis, and MBA from Stanford.

    best personal finance software


    Larry Russell, Managing Director
    MBA (Stanford U.), MA (Brandeis U.), and BS (M.I.T.)


    “My goal is to increase your knowledge and improve your ability to manage your own personal finance and investing affairs.”


  • VeriPlan’s chief architect, Larry Russell, has expertise in economics, finance, investments, marketing management, accounting, taxation, probability, statistics, software development, web technologies, and quality control. He also has 25 years of Silicon Valley corporate and startup work experience as a corporate development executive, business analyst, product manager, and CFO.
  • VeriPlan was developed over a three-year period following two years of intensive research into the academic literature on personal financial planning and personal investment management.
  • The original objective of this research was to determine which personal finance and retirement planning strategies work and which do not. This preparatory research lead to Larry’s conclusion that the highly interconnected computational details required for truly comprehensive lifetime personal financial, investment management, and retirement financial planning projections could be automated. VeriPlan is the result.
  • Once these myriad computations were automated, and thus hidden, individuals could then use the resulting tool to focus on improving their lifetime financial planning and retirement decision-making.
  • In a nutshell, this explains the origins and objectives of VeriPlan, the do-it-yourself lifetime financial and retirement planner software — designed with you in mind!
VeriPlan is a great product, a great deal,
and a great help with your
personal financial and retirement planning


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ONLY $57 for a household license for
ALL your Windows and Macintosh PCs


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Please note: We will mail your VeriPlan CD to you on the next business day after PayPal has notified us of your order. When your order ships, we will send a shipment notification email to you using the email address supplied by PayPal. VeriPlan is shipped via the USPS, and deliveries typically take 3 to 10 days to arrive. The VeriPlan CD contains the core VeriPlan product, two tutorials built upon the core product, and several other informational files.

Runs on all Windows PCs and Macs with Microsoft Excel

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